Sito Italiano
"Truth is confirmed by inspection and delay; falsehood by haste and uncertainty." (Tacito)

In addition to filing your own trademarks it is always advisable to watch those of others.

This avoids wasting resources in impervious advertising projects or identifying only belatedly the existence of third party rights on signs of concern. By processing data taken from specialized databases disputes with other owners and/or waste of resources can be prevented from the start.

With broad spectrum of research and attention to the smallest consonances, we offer:

Surveillance services on trademarks filings of competitors and suppliers;

Watch services on domain names and unauthorized use of trademarks on the Internet.

The activation of the watch service (particularly the Worldwide one) in relation to major trademarks allows to have a constant control on the registration activity of identical or similar trademarks held by competitors, both in Italy and abroad, in a particular market sector. Promptly we can provide the information about all the new trademarks published worldwide, identical or similar to the trademark being monitored.

The global monitoring service on the name of a holder allows to know which trademarks will be recorded in the world from a particular competitor, the business strategies, and the projects of geographic expansion, enabling to react quickly and to implement the necessary defensive strategies.