Sito Italiano
"A great trademark is appropriate, dynamic, distinctive, memorable and unique." (Primo Angeli)

In the trademark area we have experience in:


We conduct searches, provide opinions and advice on whether a trademark can be registered in Italy, European Union and worldwide. We file applications and handle the prosecution of the trademark, including the representation in opposition proceedings before the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (U.I.B.M.), keeping our clients regularly updated with status reports until trademark renewals.


We file and prosecute Community Trademark applications and represent clients in all administrative proceedings before the O.H.I.M., specifically in trademark oppositions and appeals against Community Trademark applications and invalidity actions against Community Trademark registrations. We have developed experience in the negotiation of agreements with third-party owners of prior registrations in order to settle conflicts before starting opposition.


We file International registrations and provide to manage prosecution into national stage of the registration's procedure, including subsequent extensions of protection in further member States where clients will develop business.

We file and manage application for trademark registration worldwide, in countries which have not subscribed the Madrid Agreement and Protocol concerning the international registration of trademarks.


A trademark strategy is developed with clients to best manage their trademark portfolio and to give maximum protection against competitors in Italy, European Community and abroad.

We advise on issues such as validity and infringement of clients' and third-party trademarks and trade-name, particularly when clients have a watching service. In some cases, a brand owner does not become aware of the existence of another trademark until after it has been registered; and in such cases we bring and defend actions for the revocation of trademark registrations.

We also conduct evaluations and due diligence for purchasers and investors interested in acquiring intellectual property assets. We manage all formalities for the registration and annotation concerning changes of the trademarks' and trade-names' ownership.


We advise on the protection of individual and collective trademarks and Geographic indications in the food industry. We also counsel clients regarding product packaging and labeling.