Sito Italiano
"Lost in a gloom of uninspired research." (William Wordsworth)

Before facing a new filing it is always advisable to perform one or more patent searches. These searches are used to identify the existence for prior art, identical or similar to the invention that is to be protected. Not only: through the use of specialized databases disputes with the owners of previous rights can also be prevented.

PATENT SEARCHES have fundamental and strategic importance, because they allow to

  • IDENTIFY BUSINESS PARTNERS (Who can I sell my product to? Who can I buy a competitive one from?)
  • FACILITATE THE TRANSFER OF TECHNOLOGY (Better to produce something or have it done by an expert?)
  • IDENTIFY THE EXPERTS IN THE FIELD (Who are they? What proprietary technologies have they?)
  • FIND NEW APPLICATIONS FOR NOT-NEW PRODUCTS (By replacing X with Y do I create a new market?)
  • IDENTIFY COMPETITOR COMPANIES (From whom do I have to guard? Who sets the standard? What is the standard?)
  • KNOW THE STATE OF THE ART (Where should I start from? Can I inspire from some good ideas of others?)
  • AVOID INFRINGEMENT SUITS (What can not I do? Where is it better not to invest?)

We offer searches of patent filed and/or registered in Italy and abroad by competitors or other third parties. In particular:

NOMINAL Searches: they identify the existence of prior patents according to a precise search key, as eg. the competitor's name;

SECTOR Searches: by using complex analysis strategies, we retrieve a set of documents that define the state of the art and progress in a particular field of technology.