Sito Italiano
"The life of a designer is a life of fight: fight against the ugliness." (Massimo Vignelli)

As a service to our clients we offer:

Filing, registration and management of national designs.

Filing, registration and management of Community, International and foreign designs.

Development of a company strategy to internationally protect the design portfolio.

Assistance during the official examination of registrability requirements of a design in the European Union (EU) and in countries outside the EU.

Administrative nullity actions against the granting of designs and models, both at EU and foreign offices.

Advice and opinions on the validity and/or counterfeiting, encroaching or nullity of a design, owned by third parties or not.

Economic evaluation of a design.

Registrations and annotations of deeds, in Italy, in the EU and abroad, making the change in ownership of a design binding on third parties.