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"Never contract friendship with a man that is not better than thyself." (Confucius)


In National and International business and transactions, it is often underestimated that well-drafted agreements provide secure protection for Intellectual Property assets, ensure a successful business relationship and help to avoid long and costly litigation.

We have experience in drafting and negotiating complex IP agreements in order to assure the best protection for our clients' business interests worldwide.

These agreements frequently require registration in many countries, involving complex formalities and procedures with many different legal regimes.

The following is an exemplary list of services we provide:

- drafting, negotiating and rendering opinions on Intellectual Property license agreements and assignments;

- technology transfer agreements;

- IP-related commercial contracts (including manufacturing, distribution, supply or technical assistance agreements);

- confidentiality and trade secrets agreements;

- due diligence for intellectual property rights and the provisions of the related opinions.