Sito Italiano
"If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?" (Albert Einstein)

In addition to file your own patents it is always advisable to watch those of others. This avoids wasting resources in inaccessible R&D projects or already protected by patents of third parties. Only by processing data from specialized databases one can avoid wasting resources and costs for litigations with other owners.

With a broad range of research, and attention to marginalia, we offer:

  • Surveillance services for filings of patents belonging to competitors and suppliers (NOMINAL Surveillance);
  • Surveillance services on the technological expansion of a field (GENERAL Surveillance).

The activation of the security service allows to have a constant control on the patenting activity of competitors, both in Italy and abroad, in a given technology area.

Although the patent filings normally remain secret for 18 months, however it is still possible to implement the necessary defensive strategies.

Each surveillance is delivered to the client with a detailed and accurate report, with the aim to clarify the issues and highlight essential threats.

The consistent and accurate relation with the client, the frequent visits at the company and knowledge of the history of the company, allow us to fully evaluate the surveillance data, with a critical eye and in line with the corporate reality.